Treating Sports Injuries in Children

My name is Dr.  J. R.  Meadows. I’m originally from Utah,and I’m excited to be able to take care of patients in the South Salt Lake Valley area. As a neighborhood resource,I tend to get a lot of parents who ask what should I do with my kid Or what should I do with my son when he’s injured on the field? Or my daughter? And should I go to an emergency room? Should I see my primary care specialty office? To all of my neighbors and friends and to anyone with a kid playing in a sport or any type of after-school or extracurricular activity, I tell ’em just give us a call. We’re happy to get ’em in.

We take preference in getting people in and pride in trying to get people in as soon as we can within the office. If your child is injured on the field and you’re wondering what do do,I’m happy to answer a phone call, and we’re happy to get them in. A lot of times a lot of these injuries could be by passed by the ER, which saves time and concern from the parents’ stand point and kind of that high-stress situation. We can calm a lot of those fears easily.

So if they do seem injured and something happens on the field,we tell the parents to give us a call. We’re easily located over at Lone Peak Hospital in the Draper area. Have both offices in Sandy as well as Draper,and we’re very accessible. Each surgery and each patient has a specific type of rehabilitation required after the surgery. And just because you’ve had surgery doesn’t mean that you’re going to recover 100%unless we do something about it. We follow you very closely along in the weeks and months following any procedure.

There are individual rehabilitation protocols that I follow. A lot of which I have developed and found through my own experience in working with patients and through my training. And we follow these protocols in being able to get patients back. We tend to follow them back every two-to-six weeks depending on the condition until we get them back to a functional status.

We have them work with some local physical therapists,some that are very reputable that I’ve had a good relationship in working with. And being able to restore their function and advance them,depending on their own individual condition. Not every condition is the same and some require more of an aggressive rehabilitation protocol. And others we tend to go a little bit slower in order to allow the body to heal.