Tips to Live Longer and Help You in Anti-aging

Hey, guys, Today we’ll be talking about, Tips to Live Longer and help you in anti-aging. , let’s dive in and talk about spending time in nature. This is absolutely huge. I could go on and on about the benefits of being in community with trees. Trees create powerful substances, one of them is oxygen. Nature is more oxygenated, take your shoes off, walk in nature, get grounded, and reduce stress. Grounding can actually be good for you.

Get outside or go to parks, go to beaches, get away from the office, get away from your house, this is how our ancestors lived and how we’re meant to live. I know you’ve mentioned studies before on grounding and actually seeing it reduce inflammation. I’ve heard people talk about forest bathing and there is no doubt, it reduces stress on the body.

Number two, the right diet.

So, what’s the right type of diet to live longer? Well, I would say it’s a diet that’s very high in, number one, herbs and spices. Number two, vegetables. Number three, wild organic meat products such as wild salmon, bone broth products, grass-fedbeef. And the next one here I’ll say, berries, and then nuts and seeds, medicinal mushroom, those are some of the top things.

When you want to eat a diet that is very rich in real food especially in vegetables, herbs,and spices. You do that, you are going to live longer. No doubt about it. Absolutely. Exercise. If you could bottle exercise it would be the most effective drug in history. I don’t have time to exercise. You can literally do knee bends or push-ups with your ground, a couch, you got to getout there, brisk walking.

Exercise reduces all cause mortality in every single study, it doesn’t have to be a certainamount of time, it doesn’t have to be a certain type of exercise. You got to move if you want to live long and prosper. You like that? That was good.

Number four, occasional fasting.

This is something all over ancestors did. It’s something that they talk about in Greek medicine, they’ll talk about it in the bible. Fasting benefits your health in so many different ways, especially when it comes to balancing your hormone levels. There are some great studies on intermittent fasting and how it supports your body improving human growth hormone which in ways is your anti-aging hormone.

If you want to be in your 70s and still strong and buff, or lean, and healthy, and feeling great, intermittent fasting or occasional fasting can help you live longer, feel better,be stronger, and fight disease. Keep moving after work. Today we tend to retire after work, sitting down, putting our feet up, and plopping on the couch. Find a way to actively engage your body after your some semi-stressful workday. Go on a bike ride, go on a walk, grab your family and do something. We actually encourage people during work to get up and walk periodically. I’m in my office on the phone, the team was walking around, they’re moving, they’re planking, they’re doing push-ups, move after work and move during work. Don’t make your home time a complete veg out. Get going, move.

Number six here, limit your TV watching.

There is no doubt about it that TV, we’ve talked about this before, that a lot of people aren’t living life. They’re watching life as by standards. And when you’re not engaged in life, I think it’s less exciting, it’s less exhilarating.

So, for many of us, we need to stop watching so much TV. The average American watches between four and half and six hours. Six hours of TV a day. What you need to do is take some of that time, spend more time reading books which is actually more mentally stimulating and learning something new or getting out, moving being active, having community with others, deep conversations. All of these things can help you live longer and we know that watching TV, that blue light can also mess with your cortisol levels, your melatonin levels, and actually decrease your quality of sleep.

Spend time with friends. I don’t know if laughter is the best medicine but it’s pretty darn in close. Spending time with friends, talking about old memories, smiling. When you smile and laugh your organs get a massage. So, also, when someone encourages you, it’s good medicine, a cheerful word, right? And being touched, so if you’re with somebody, you’re hugging, you’re fist bumping, that alone can build good health. Spend more time with your friends. It’s not bad to be by yourself, some people are more loners, but spending time in communitycan help you live longer, it takes a village, right? Yeah, good tip.

All right. Number eight here, be a lifelong learner.

Now, this is critical. There are studies on dementia and actually combating that through learning a new languageor getting out there and meeting new people, serving others, whatever it is. Just learning in general. So this is where it really comes in. Don’t watch as much TV, read more books, especially read more books, read through, whether it be a topic like history or putting together puzzles or any type of activity like thatis really going to help you activate your brain. It’s also going to help you live longer by learning.

Eat hot peppers.

When I was a kid, my parents were into natural health, cayenne pepper was everything. Rub it on your boo-boos, put it under my tongue when I talked back, that was a great tip. Hot peppers stimulate metabolism and help you absorb more nutrition. They are super foods. There’s a lot of them, habanero, cayenne, bird peppers which are really hot, ghost peppers which are the hottest of all. Eat more peppers and spices in general to live longer.

Oh, yeah. Number ten, volunteer.

Now, I’d read articles before, , on people that struggled with depression andhow actually serving and volunteering was incredible and this clinical study actually showed people fight depression. So a lot of times what happens when we get depressed, which actually depression and anxiety,we all know that stress causes you to age faster. If somebody has anxiety, a lot of times that anxiety is cause by somebody looking at themselves and thinking about all the problems and all the issues that they have and living in fear versus when you get outside of yourself and you go and volunteer and serve others, that actually takes the focus off you, puts the focus on helping and serving others.

And that also leaves you with a feeling of success and gratitude because you just changed someone’s life and had a positive impact in the world. Volunteer and serve more. This is big, link up with a faith community. It is really important to pray for people and have them praying for you. And there are a lot of people that have different philosophies but they have proven that when you concentrate the power of prayer it can turn a polluted lake clean, it can turn agrave health situation to the positive. It really does work.

This allows you to get community, it allows you to hear wisdom. A lot of times just listening to the bible or reading the bible, it’s wise, it’s wisdom,it’s historical. There are so many reasons to be part of the church community but really more than anything,its to be wanted, it’s to be part of a group. Many people are single. There are people that lose a spouse.

Their life is extended by their church family or their community. Volunteering happens in the church environment. So, it really is a great opportunity for you to connect with a group of like-minded people and I do believe other than the all you can eat buffets and the bake sales, almost everything about a church community can increase you to live longer.