Heart Health for Men

I’m Scott Hacking. I’m the interventional cardiologist here at St. Mark’s Hospital. Today we’re fortunate enough to have KSL here doing a news spot on heart health in the male that’s age 40 to 55 and we were able to put him through a couple of tests and do a couple of things and look forward to seeing that on the news.

Today we’re able to do an EKG. EKG is one of the tests that shows the electrical conduction of the heart. It shows how the heart conducts electricity in various different ways. We can look for any problems with extra heartbeats, lack of heartbeats, or any conduction shorts in the heart. Then we did an exercise, a treadmill test, where we watched that same electrical system under stress. As the patient walked faster and harder and steeper, we watched the heart kind of augment its activity, and then we combined the testing today with ultrasound or echocardiography, which is an ultrasound of the heart.

We watched it at rest and we watched it under stress as well. So, you know, age 40 to 55 is a very important time in many of our lives. Our lives are very busy. We’re often jumping through our career hoops and often our health takes a back seat during that time. We often will think that we’re still 25 years old and still trying to accomplish many of the things we did back then.

So this is a time when we really want to emphasize you’ve gotta know your blood pressure, you’ve gotta know your heart rate, better know your cholesterol,and then when appropriate come in for some of these tests that we do today and you can sit down with your primary care physician or one of the cardiologists here at St. Mark’s and we can go through some of your risks and assess whether or not you need some of these tests done.

If you’re age 40 to 55, or any age for that matter, good time to really focus on your family history, your blood pressure, your heart rate, and then especially staying active at this stage where you get your heart into an aerobic conditioning capacity where you can assess your symptoms, your breathing for any chest pain or any change in symptoms. If you have a change in symptoms, that would be the time to come here to St.  Mark’s Hospital and be assessed and be looked at for any of these tests for now.