Be Better

Today I’d like to talk about another very important thing when it comes to your health and that is. . .  success. You know being successful in life and being successful on your health journey is what determines the outcome, you know, using your mind, anything that you believe in your mind you can achieve. Now I’ve been doing personal development work for 25 years and I highly recommend that everybody out there, you know, now you can go on YouTube you can watch all the motivational videos, you can watch personal development videos: Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziggler, Bob Proctor. I mean the list goes on, Gary Vee, all of these things are just stimulating the mind and taking you out of comfort. There’s things that I reinforce, some of the things I reinforce every single day.

First of all I meditate every single morning.  It’s how you start your morning. When you get up in the morning don’t reach over and grab your iPhone, don’t turn on the TV and watch the negative news.  Mornings are incredible.  Spend time with your family, quiet time. So these are the three things that I constantly try to work on:

Number one is pep-in-step or be peppy.

Just everything you do just walk a little bit faster, work out a little bit longer, make that decision. Just have that pep in your step, have that pep on on everything, just don’t settle for anything, just always go and just do a little bit more all the time. How, you know, if you’re hugging somebody hug them for just one more second, if you’re walking to the bathroom walk a little bit faster, you know.  Don’t take the elevator, take the stairs. If you’re learning about natural health or whatever you’re doing, if you’re working at your job do it a little bit better. I mean, ultimately it’s all about baby steps, just doing a little bit better, every single day leads up to a massive change in your life, and number two, it, for me, is always be uncomfortable.

Now I know that sounds strange, but success is built on being uncomfortable, because whenever you’re comfortable and you’re doing the same thing every single day and you’re doing the same routine every single day you’re not growing. So when I say be uncomfortable that means don’t ever be comfortable in what you’re doing, always try to achieve more, always try to be more successful, always try to help more people. You know sitting, sitting around you know watching, it, basically we live in a society that’s defined by comfort and routine.

So when I say be uncomfortable I’m always looking to go outside of my routine, don’t do the same exercise that I did the other day, don’t eat the same foods that I did the other day, don’t take the same vitamins that I did the other day.  Always look for new and exciting things to do or change up you know get out of your comfort zone. Constantly think, am I going, am I in my comfort zone now? Am I in a routine, you know, that’s the scariest thing is what you, is noticing when you’re in a routine or you become comfort, comfortable.

Because when you’re in a routine and you become comfortable is when success or growth starts to slow down or stop so just think to yourself how can I be uncomfortable in a good way. Uncomfortable is actually a good thing, it’s not a bad thing.  How can I be uncomfortable and it’s just all about pushing yourself and pushing yourself,and step number three that I live by is discipline.  You know discipline is everything. Should I stay, you know, staying at the gym not extra 10, 15 minutes or even getting up early being disciplined making the decisions discipline is associated with every single decision that you make.

What time am I going to wake up in the morning and you know if you’re gonna be disciplined you’re gonna wake up at that time in the morning. Am I gonna meditate for 15 minutes every single day? That’s discipline am I going to eat healthy today? All life is is a handful of choices every single day that you need to make. Are you going to make the right choice are you gonna make the wrong choice? And I live by the 90/10 rule nobody is perfect you can strive to be perfect, but you don’t necessarily need to be perfect to be successful, to be healthy to be everything that you want to be in life, to be loving to give back to humanity there’s no better feeling than to be grateful every single morning for everything that you have think about all of the the people that out there that are suffering in the world.

You know, thank you know do something special for somebody every single day give back to the world give back to society be disciplined love yourself. Many people look in the mirror every morning and start their day with regret, with shame, with lack of love for self. So the beautiful thing about life is we change is only one decision away and that’s where discipline comes in in order to change and, and rejuvenate yourself. And to prevent disease you have to understand the root cause of everything in life, and you have to for me every day is not good enough. I want to improve myself every single day all the most successful people read. We’re getting away from that where that type of training you can never learn enough you’d have plenty of time in your car where you can listen to books or you can listen to different community.

Communicate effectively.

Strategies how to improve your life through health, how to strengthen your mind how to become a speed reader how to become a better person, all of these things are available to you. So that’s my daily success, my lifestyle, how I like to live and taking the time and effort, you know, putting a little extra pep in my step.  Just doing everything a little bit faster, just speeding up everything a little bit.  Of course there’s times for slowing down too and meditating, and then being uncomfortable, but being uncomfortable in a good way and that’s really to avoid ever getting into the rut of being comfortable.

Because when you get in the rut of being comfortable with let’s say that glass of wine every single night, or that two glasses of wine every single night, or going out to dinner and eating that steak dinner every single night, or you start noticing that you’re in a routine, a routine that’s not necessarily, now good routines are good routines. Like getting up every day and meditating that’s a good routine, when I’m talking about comfortable versus uncomfortable. I’m talking about the bad routines or being comfortable in a routine that is not bringing you towards success in life. And the last one is discipline. Again be disciplined. Discipline is everything in every single decision you make. So that’s it for today.  Thank you for tuning in. Until next time, live healthy!