10 Everyday Things You’re Doing Totally Wrong

Here are 10 Everyday Things You’re Doing Totally Wrong.

10) Sleeping

It may not surprise you to hear that most of us don’t get enough sleep.  It’s been pretty well reported on by everyone from reputable newspapers to shady wellness websites trying to sell you pills. The latest figures from the University of Pittsburgh claim that as many as 70 million Americans are regularly under-rested.  This sleep shortage can negatively affect a wide array of mental functions, like memory, reaction time, and productivity. But what’s less well known is that most of us can’t even get the time we do spends leeping right. First of all, anyone who sleeps on their front is screwing up their back.

Since sleeping perfectly face-down means being smothered by the pillow, most people put their head to one side. This misaligns the spine, and over years can cause permanent back pain. Even back-sleepers aren’t doing things completely right.  Apparently, you back kippers should also sleep with a pillow under the back of your knees. This supports your legs, takes the pressure off your lower back, and makes you look like a douche.

If by some miracle you do manage to fall asleep with an army of pillows jammed under you, don’t get too comfy. Because life has to be as awkward as possible, it’s also possible to sleep for too long.  Regularly sleeping more than 9 hours is even linked to depression and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Well, good luck getting to sleep tonight.

9) Measuring

Trigger warning to all our American viewers: the imperial measuring system is kind of dumb. I know, I know, we Brits invented it. But even we had the good sense to realize thatkilometers, Celsius and liters are better than miles, Fahrenheit and gallons. Well, now you get to rub all that good sense right back in my British face.  And that’s because the meter is wrong. In 1792 French astronomer Pierre Mechain set out from Paris to measure the distance between the North Pole and the equator.

The plan was to work out how far the trek was,and then use one-ten millionth of the distance as his handy new measuring unit: the meter. The thing is, it’s not exactly easy to get an exact distance on that sort of scale. I mean, you can’t just stroll around with one of those wheels when you’re trying to measure half the planet.

That, coupled with the fact French revolutionaries kept trying to shoot him, meant his final measurements were 0. 16 millimeters off actually being a 10-millionth of the distance. That means every time we use a meter-derived measurement, from the millimeter to the kilometer, we’re all getting it slightly wrong. So there you go, you were right about avoiding the meter. But Fahrenheit is still stupid.

8) Exercising

No matter how often you work out, it’s probably the wrong amount. When it comes to working out, everyone has their own advice.  Some people will tell you to go slow and steady.  Some people will tell you to try short and intense.  That guy at your gym will tell you you’re a pussy if you don’t squat deep every day. In fact beyond the idea that we should probably exercise in some way for an amount of time, no one seems able to agree on anything.

For example, a Norwegian study in 2013 found that you only have to do 12 minutes of exercise a week in order to improve your health. But before you get too excited, a 2015 study from a Rutgers University researcher claims that you need 3 or 4 hour long workouts a week. And just to add to the confusion, a 2013 report by the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism claims that the frequency of workouts is irrelevant.

They say that as long as you do 150 minutes of exercise a week, you can break it down however you want. All these contradictory pieces of advice are enough to make you want to throw in the towel and grab a bag of Doritos. We don’t have the perfect solution. The best we can recommend is to read around as many different plans as you can and see what makes the most sense for you. Or just ask The Rock.  That guy is JACKED.

7) Washing

However much time you end up working out this week, you’re probably going to want to shower afterwards. Just make sure you don’t spend too long in there.  Doctors at the Baylor College of Medicine have found that regularly taking long showers can damage skin as badly as sunburn. That means your skin could start to turn red, itch, and even peel off. The worst part is that study only defines a “long shower” as 10 minutes.

That’s bad news for most people, and especially dangerous if you’re a stock footage model who can apparently only shower in slow motion. While we’re on the subject of showers, you should probably make sure your daily wash is completely soap-free.  You see, soap contains chemicals that strip away the natural bacteria on your skin.

This bacteria helps prevent eczema and acne.  Or at least it did until you rubbed a lump of fat and salt all over it’s face. On top of all this, you don’t need actually need to shampoo more than 3 times a week. In fact, if you do it’ll strip away your hair’s natural protection and actually make it more greasy. As to how to get hair like this? Sorry but that’s staying my secret.

6) Breathing

If there’s one thing you really should have down by now, it’s breathing. After all, most people breathe about 20,000 times a day, every day. But it turns out that, even with an act as simple as inhaling and exhaling, most of us still find a way to mess it up. You see, we tend to put too much emphasis on our chests when we breathe.  This causes us to take shallower breaths, limiting the amount of oxygen we take in.

The most effective way to breathe is to suck the air in through your nose, pushing your stomach out as you do. Then breathe out through the nose again, bringing the stomach in as you go. Permanently changing your breathing habits is pretty much impossible.  After all, it’s something you’ve been doing literally since you were born.  But the good news is that even doing deep breathing exercises for a few minutes a day is beneficial. A 1998 study in the Lancet found that deep breathing re-oxygenated the blood faster after exercise.

And repeated studies have found that it can lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and make your heart stronger. So, the next time you’re feeling stressed out, just remember to take a deep breath. . . And if that doesn’t work you’re screwed.

5) Dressing

I’m not going to pretend to be the biggest fashionista in the world.  But learning howto tie your shoes? That’s something we should have picked up in kindergarten, when we werestill learning to tell the time and trying not to call the teacher “mum”. Still, when even TED Talks is telling people they have weak lace game, maybe it’s time for the world to fix up its shoe situation.

Most of us wrap the cord over our thumbs and through the gap.  But the more effective method is to go under the thumb, and tie it that way. This straightens the knot and sends the pressure down the shoe, meaning it won’t come undone and trip you over right as you’re running past that girl you like.  Which is a purely hypothetical example.

Honestly. Cut? Outside simply improving the standard knot, there’s also shoelace sorcery like the Ian Knot. This move is supposedly the world’s fastest shoelace tie, and could save you valuable seconds every morning.  Although that’s not factoring in all the time it takes to learn the bloody thing.

4) Relaxing

Names like Megadeth, Black Sabbath, and Five Finger Death Punch may not scream “serenity”. But it looks like these heavy metal heavy weights may be closer to the secret to stress-relief than anyone else.  You might think that if you want to relax, you should listen to relaxing music. Seems obvious right? But all the rain forest sounds and whale calls in the world aren’t nearly as effective as a good old fashioned head bang.

A 2015 study by the University of Queensland revealed that listening to ‘extreme music’is extreme-ly good stress release. In fact the test’s 39 subjects all felt “reduced levels of hostility, irritability and stress”.

By the way, “Hostility, Irritability and Stress” is my new heavy metal band name. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it actually makes a lot of sense that rocking out all your aggression would make you way calmer afterwards.  After all, you don’t hug a stress ball, you CRUSH it. So forget the Dalai Lama: Ozzy Osbourne is the real king of tranquility.  Maybe that’s why he’s so calm all the time.  Well, that and all the drugs.

3) Eating

Don’t worry, this isn’t an etiquette lesson or a rant about table manners.  I’m not going to call you a heathen because you don’t have a fish fork, or because you pass the port to the right. Frankly, as long as keep your underwear on for the duration of the meal, that’s enough for me. No, I’m more worried about all the hacks you can use to make pimp out your meals and take your food to the next level. Take the cupcake for example.

You probably eat it top down, and end up with more suspicious white clumps on your nose than a clumsy coke head. Well, not anymore.  Instead, try ripping the bottom off and enjoying it as a sandwich. You can thank me later. That’s just one of thousands of ways to make eating even more enjoyable. If you’re sick of your taco always breaking and spilling it’s innards everywhere, try folding it in in a lettuce leaf. If you want an easy way to core strawberries, try pushing a straw up through it’s middle.  If you want to cut your brie without squishing it, try using dental floss. And the best part of all these food hacks? You don’t have buy a fish fork or even pu ton pants to use them.

2) Using the Toilet

Okay, I know what you’re about to type into the comments.  “Screw you AllTime10s, I might not be the perfect sleeper or obsessed with food hacks.  BUT I know how to use the goddam toilet. ”Well, actually we all use the toilet wrong. You see our ancestors didn’t exactly have time in their busy schedule of fighting saber tooths and riding mammoths to build to a small porcelain box to crap in.

In fact the modern flush toilet only dates back to 1591, meaning the human race has a proud multi-millennia history of pooing in fields. As such, our natural pooping posture has a much more outdoorsy feel than our current 90 degree angle technique.  Here’s what we should be doing on the toilet.

And NO, I’m not going to re-enact it. According to the 5th edition of Bock us Gastroenterology, which is the bible of bowel enthusiasts, you should stay in a 30 degree squat while doing your business. It may sound kind of silly, and that’s because, yeah, it is. But squatting not sitting can also have some serious health benefits.

A 2010 study by Japanese scientists found that using a squatting position reduces abdominal strain, which is the leading cause of hemorrhoids. Of course, squatting over the toilet is also the leading cause of falling in the toilet so, it’s up to you really.

1) Thinking

While you may think you can think, what you think you think about thinking, thinkers think needs more thought.  Unthinkable. Yes, we’ve already told you that you don’t know how to tie your shoes or use the toilet. But now it turns out you can’t even think straight. That’s because everyone has cognitive errors in their reasoning.  These errors obscure our rational thought, and can lead us to illogical or wrong conclusions. “I can’t believe my postman was late today.  I guess all postmen are just lazy. ”

“I messaged my Tinder date 30 seconds ago and she hasn’t replied yet. I’m going to die alone” And dichotomous, black or white thinking : “That Will Smith seems like a great guy” “Will Smith is the spawn of the devil ”The rise of social media has magnified our capacity for irrational thought. With Facebook tailoring content to what you like, it’s become easier than ever to only see information that confirms your biases.

This leads to online echo chambers and a willingness to believe anything that fits your views or political narrative. The good news is that it’s also easier than ever to Google around and challenge your beliefs. And hey, we may not be perfect thinkers.  But considering we’re just animals, humans are doing a hell of a lot better than pigeons. So, that was 10 Everyday Things You’re Doing Totally Wrong.  Which daily blunders have you made? Did we leave any screws-up off the list?